Fabbricazione liquori dal 1814


Production Sites

Production Sites - Casoni Finale Emilia (Modena)

  • High flexibility (quick change of different formats and bottle shapes)
  • Over 60 different formats/bottle shapes
  • Over 100 different formulations are produced
  • Internal production of infusions and distillation allows:
    • Unique and typical formulation
    • Total quality control and raw material selection
  • Over 450 SKUs actively produced
  • Shortest possible lead-time (5 days within all of Europe)

Production site 1 - Via Venezia 5/A Finale Emilia (Modena)

  • Main building: Built in the 60’s, has a total surface of 5.000 sq. meters. Headquarter, quality control, production, bottling, bonded warehouse
  • 3 bottling lines, capacity up to 60.000 bottles per day per line.
  • Latest up-date started in Year 2000 and still ongoing to grant the bets practice. 
  • Bonded Warehouse of 1.500 sq. meters can handle abt. 1 Million bottles.
  • New warehouse built in 2007 with a surface of 1.000 sq. meters to store alcohol and distillates.
  • 2 separated Warehouses to store dry goods, 1.000 sq. meters
  • The production area is equipped with a photovoltaic system providing 350.000 kw per year.


Production site 2 – Slovakia

  • Founded in 1997 to be closer to the upcoming markets of eastern Europe, fully integrated and managed by Casoni to grant highest production standards of typical Italian liquours developed by Casoni.
  • Total surface of 6.000 sq. meters, equipped with automatic bottling line with a capacity of abt. 4 Million bottles/year/shift
  • Storage of abt. 250.000 bottles and abt. 300 sq. meters for storage of dry goods"