To be enjoyed neat or 'on the rocks'

Full, original taste

Casoni family's secret recipe

Amaro Casoni, the secret is in the taste

The Amaro Casoni comes from an ancient secret recipe belonging to the Casoni family that gives it its typically strong taste compared to all other amaro bitters. Its uniqueness is all in the mix of herbs used to produce an amaro with a full, distinctive taste, which gives the product a unique inimitable identity.

In general, an amaro is a flavoured liqueur, made of alcohol, plant ingredients and other types of medicinal herbs. Its production requires that the herbs and roots used be infused, mixed, ground, pulverized, then immersed in an alcoholic solution and left to macerate for a long period of time. The amaro came into being as a result of two different processing phases: the infusion of herbs into alcohol to generate the infusion and the subsequent mixing of the infusion produced with alcohol and sugar. The result is a dark strong liquid: the liqueur that everyone calls Amaro.


ABV: 23%

PRODUCTION METHOD: cold extraction of aromatic ingredients from aromatic plants

INGREDIENTS: water, alcohol, infusion of plant substances (alcohol, water, plant substances), sugars (including caramelised sugar), natural flavourings

AROMATIC NOTES: typical herbaceous with bitter, intense notes from the aromatic plants used

TIP: It can be sipped neat or 'on the rocks', or it can also be paired with other ingredients to create new cocktails.


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