Bitter del Ciclista

Stringent taste

Mix of 10 aromatic herbs

Strong bitter aromatic notes

Bitter del Ciclista: dedicated to those who want to go far

The Casoni Bitter del Ciclista (“Cyclist’s Bitter”) is a bitter produced with ten herbs, with an intense dry taste, for those who aim high, love challenges and set themselves increasingly ambitious goals.

This liqueur infusion is the result of a traditional processing process in which the ground parts of aromatic plants are steeped in a hydroalcoholic infusion for about 30 days. During this period, the infusion is checked each day and pumped over to ensure the cold extraction of its aromatic components. Then, the processed product is left to decant into a decanting tank, left to rest for at least 15 days and filtered. So, to get a compound with an all-natural flavour, the aromatic infusion is left to stand for 30 days with the aim of balancing all the aromas derived from the 10 aromatic plants used to produce it.

As with the Amaro del Ciclista, the raw materials used for the Casoni Bitter del Ciclista are dosed and mixed in stainless steel mixers so that everything blends perfectly. After this first phase of processing, the liquid is left to stand for 30 days and then filtered again with filter sheets and bottled.



ABV: 26%

PRODUCTION METHOD: cold extraction of aromatic plants

INGREDIENTS: small absinthe, quassia, bitter orange, cinchona, peppermint, iris, rhubarb

AROMATIC NOTES: a bitter with strong bitter aromatic notes with a perfect balance between alcoholic, herbaceous and citrus notes

TIP: the balsamic aroma that distinguishes it gives cocktails strong bitter herbaceous hints


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