Blend of nine botanicals

Strong juniper aroma

Distilled in Finale Emilia

Tabar Gin: a quality blend wrapped in enchantment and tradition

Casoni Tabar gin is a gin with a strong aroma born of a masterful blending of nine different botanicals and an ancient technique belonging to Casoni's artisan distillery.

Making a product like Casoni Tabar involves a long, challenging process, as evidenced by the more than three months required for production involving several phases that have to be executed with total precision to obtain an exceptional gin of the highest quality.
The unique mixture of juniper berries and other aromatic plants is heated to 60 ° C and infused into alcohol for three days and then distilled into steel stills. The juniper heart, the main raw material of the product, is left to age in steel tanks for at least three months: the time it takes for the distillate to age and for the aromatic compounds to blend. That very same technique is also used on all the other botanicals in Tabar gin (angelica, green anise seeds, rosemary, coriander, bitter orange, sweet orange, chamomile, cardamom), all of which, once mixed with the right amount of alcohol, make possible a blend that will later turn into the finished product. The distilled gin is then mixed with grain-based alcohol and other distilled spirits extracted from aromatic plants. The mixture is then brought up to 45 vol. with pure demineralized water. The liquid consisting of this mix of botanicals and alcohol is left to age for at least 30 days to allow the aroma to mature so that it is ready for the process of polishing by maximum filtration which follows. Now the Tabar Gin is ready to fill its iconic bottle and introduce itself to fans in its finest regalia.
The perfectly balanced botanicals and precision in the search for raw materials blend in with the typically foggy region making Casoni’s Tabar Gin unique and unmistakable. Just like its name, which comes from the local term "tabarro” (tabard): the typical man's circular cape in thick heavy cloth, which was done up by throwing one corner end over the opposite shoulder to completely wrap around the body and protect it from the cold. It was a garment much-used in the Po Valley, especially in rural areas, where it became a symbol of peasant traditions, of the condition of not only humans but also of their land — a land shrouded in fog capable of vanishing from sight in an instant.



ABV: 45%


BOTANICALS: juniper, coriander, angelica, bitter orange, chamomile, aniseed, cardamom, sweet orange, rosemary

AROMATIC NOTES: the strong aroma of juniper is accompanied by the olfactory notes of sweet and bitter orange, which are combined with the taste of angelica and coriander, but it is easy to also make out the aroma of cardamom and rosemary, the delicacy of chamomile and the freshness of anise

TIP: Perfect combined with dry tonics to fully savour the various botanical notes




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