All Casoni distilled spirits and liqueurs are born from a passion for Italian tradition and from its constant focus on the latest consumer trends and market innovations. Casoni is a cocktail of experience and innovation, offering a full range of artisan liqueurs capable to satisfy the tastes of the most diverse and demanding customers. Tradition and deep expertise are the key factors in the success of Casoni liqueurs, factors that have contributed to the life of its countless successful liqueurs throughout its history. The creation of completely natural products resulting from infusions and distillations of local herbs and fruits has always been a top priority for the company. An added value for the end customer who can taste a genuine natural liqueur.


Four products that are icons of the cocktail aperitivo, that extra touch for a consumption experience that has become a must in recent years. The 1814 - l’Aperitivo and 1814 - il Bitter are two products of the distillery, two great Italian classics by Casoni whose labels depict the year in which the company was born, in far-off 1814. The other two, branded as ready-to-drink because, to put it simply, they are ready to drink, originate from two of the most famous cocktails known throughout the world: the Negroni and the Manhattan.


Thanks to over 200 years of experience and a careful selection of the finest raw materials that nature has to offer, Casoni produces liqueurs that are among Italy's most famous and successful both at home and abroad. Fernet, Amaro, Caffè Anice, Liquirizia, Anicione, Amaretto and Sambuca are all the liqueurs of this range of unmistakable products, prepared with extreme care and passion, respecting the aromas of tradition. Casoni distillery’s classics are deeply linked to the company's region of origin. And what's more, they are still produced to the same original recipe of 1814 with its unique flavour.


The Casoni distillery's renowned capability to combine diverse and unforgettable flavours can also be seen in the Liquirizia Amara, Nocino di Modena and Anicione liqueurs: three spirits all with a strong distinctive character. The Liquirizia Amara has a perfect and balanced sweet/bitter contrast created by the combination of the taste of liquorice and bitter herbs. The Nocino di Modena is made from the alcoholic infusion of the husks of still green walnuts harvested in June during St John's Eve (24 June). The Anicione is a dry liqueur with exceptional purity and unmistakable flavour. It is Casoni's oldest recipe and is ideal when served in coffee or as a very special ingredient in any kind of cocktail. Discover the Casoni premium range!


Two products that provide moments to remember and memories that inspire. An amaro — the Cyclist's amaro — with a strong distinctive personality that owes its name to the peasant custom of offering a glass of amaro to invigorate friends who have just arrived by bike after a long ride. It's a bitter that follows the usual amaro route and produced by the infusion of ten herbs which turn it into a liqueur with a stringent distinctive flavour - a true bitter for those who love challenges and are always ready to get back in the saddle to achieve new goals.


The liqueur recipes of Tomaso Agnini (a partner of Casoni) date back to the late 1800s when the company began to achieve growing success at numerous renowned national and international exhibitions. Inspired by this success, Tomaso began to travel the world in search of original recipes that could blend the most famous liqueurs of the Italian tradition with the typical products of the Italian countryside. His creations had the merit of producing a blend of famous Italian liqueurs with products typical of the Modena countryside.

It was in that same spirit and based on Tomaso Agnini's original recipes preserved by the Casoni family that Vermouth al Mallo di Noci (Walnut husks) and Vermouth all' Aceto Balsamico di Modena (Balsamic Vinegar) were born. Today they are regarded as special liqueurs that help in making different types of Vermouth-based cocktails. Once again, the Casoni distillery focuses on tradition with products from its region: the walnut husk and the balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP are clear examples.


From the mists of the lower Modena and from the "tabarro", a cloak that was closed by throwing one end on the opposite shoulder and symbol of a region shrouded in mist, came forth a gin with an enveloping taste: Tabar gin. The name and quality of the product, just like the 'tabarro' mantle, tell of its local origin: it is in fact distilled in Finale Emilia using an ancient technique, the fruit of the experience over 200 years of Casoni's history. Tabar gin is, therefore, a perfect blend of many souls: the link to tradition and the spirit of innovation, the waters of the region, whether river or fog and, of course, the nine botanical herbs from which it is distilled. From the mix of juniper, angelica, green anise seeds, rosemary, coriander, bitter orange, sweet orange, chamomile and cardamom comes forth a taste as distinctive as a draft of fog, a taste of tradition, a vigorous gulp that, in an instant, puts a different complexion on things. Read the history of the Tabar Casoni!



The Casoni artisan distillery produces a range of liqueurs and spirits that are made of the finest raw material ingredients and are the result of its continuous search for new combinations. This is how Casoni manages to ensure its products are both unique and authentic.

The ingredients that make every Casoni artisan liqueur special are many but, among the most precious, natural and traditional, are walnut husk (sourced from walnuts harvested while still green in June, ), lemon juice from the finest oval lemons typical of the Sorrento peninsula, liquorice, star anise and green anise, and medicinal herbs, which were also used in antiquity because of their natural, digestive, invigorating and energy-giving properties.



Casoni distilled spirits and liqueurs were first produced in the factory in Finale Emilia, Modena, an Italian region where the company was founded over 200 years ago and where it continues even today to develop constantly by offering new special recipes. The company has been experimenting for many years with original infusions so as to offer the market new distilled spirits and liqueurs to suit everyone's tastes. Casoni has always achieved great goals based on its state-of-the-art liqueur production line machinery and equipment, and its 'vital statistics', which are:

  • 15,000 sqm of the main building in which the operations are located, plus the production and raw materials storage areas, the commercial and marketing offices, and the combined laboratory-quality control and R&D area.
  • 60,000 bottles produced per day (roughly), an indicator of our substantial production capacity.
  • 1 million bottles are always ready for sale.
  • 350,000 kWh of electricity per year produced by our own photovoltaic system, which underlines our corporate focus on environmental sustainability.

We also have a second production facility based in Slovakia, located there specifically to serve Eastern Europe. Here, too, the objectives achieved over the years are representative of the experience of our extremely efficient company:

  • 3,600 sqm of buildings
  • with a production capacity of four million bottles per year
  • storage capacity for > 250,000 bottles of finished products









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