Served chilled with seltzer or a perfect 'correzione' of coffee (‘spiked coffee’)

Green anise seeds and star anise fruit

Original recipe for over 200 years

Anicione Casoni: 200 years of success

Anicione Casoni, a dry liqueur of exceptional purity and unmistakable flavour, is a renowned product, which has, since 1814, set the Casoni distillery and the distilling traditions of Modena apart from all others. In recent years, this hugely successful product has changed its look and gone back to its origins while still keeping to the same recipe of over 200 years.

In fact, even today the green anise seeds and star anise fruit are distilled separately in special distillers, where the seeds are macerated before being blended with alcohol. When the distiller is closed, the hydro-alcoholic mixture of green anise seeds and star anise fruits is heated to 60° C and left to infuse for about three days. At this point, the distillate remains in the steel ageing tanks for at least 15 days, during which it blends to acquire its particular aromatic note.

After the aromatic ripening period, the two distilled spirits are dosed and reduced to 45% vol. The resulting product is left to stand for about three days and then filtered on polishing sheets, controlled by experts and marketed to consumers as the original Anicione Casoni.


ABV: 45%

PRODUCTION METHOD: Hot extraction of aromatic ingredients from herbs and crop plants

INGREDIENTS: pimpinella green anise distillate, star anise distillate

AROMATIC NOTES: Dry liqueur with exceptional purity and unmistakable flavour

TIP: It's the perfect liqueur to round off a meal, but it can also be used to 'spike' a coffee. Diluted with water, it becomes an extremely pleasant thirst-quenching drink. It can be drunk at both room temperature or chilled


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