Casoni Aperitivo 1814

Ideal ingredient for the preparation of the finest cocktails

Blend of selected herbs and Mediterranean fruit

Casoni family's original recipe

Casoni Aperitivo 1814 comes from an original recipe from the Casoni family

Elegant blend of infusions of orange peels and aromatic plants, it is a fresh, pleasant and thirst-quenching aperitif, with characteristic citrus notes.

In 2024 Casoni Aperitivo 1814 won the gold medal at the London Spirits Competition in the Bitters and Mixers category, a prestigious award that rewards the best spirits on the international scene by evaluating quality, flavor and design.

The panel of tasters defined our Casoni Aperitivo 1814 "bitters that are delightful, with a perfect balance between sweetness and botanical complexity ending with a bitter note of bitter orange peel and cardamom".

The selection of aromatic herbs, also harvested locally, seeds and Mediterranean fruit, expertly mixed, make this product ideal for the preparation of spritz or classic cocktails.

ABV: 15%

SIZE: 1l

AROMATIC NOTES: With a lively colour, it is a fresh and citrusy aperitif characterized by a sweet and sour note and an intense aroma with the typical bitter-sweet notes of orange peel, the taste in cocktails is full and distinctive.

BOTANICALS: bitter orange, sweet orange, cinchona, gentian, artemisia, rhubarb


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