Casoni 1814 Bitter

Ideal ingredient for the preparation of the finest cocktails

A selection of herbs that blends in a perfect harmony of flavours

Casoni family's original recipe

Casoni 1814 Bitter is the renowned 'Aperitivo Amaro' for its intense, distinctive taste

It is made from a mixture of herbs infused in alcohol which result in a product with the perfect alcohol content for making any sort of aperitivo cocktail.

Casoni Bitter 1814 is the result of the passion for uncompromising quality that Casoni has pursued for over 200 years. The result is an uncompromising product capable of interpreting the various classic Italian aperitif cocktails such as Americano and negroni.


ABV: 23%


AROMATIC NOTES: the alcohol solution combined with roots, bark, spices, seeds and others herbaceous or vegetal ingredients, mixed and with a strong bitter flavour, give the product a citrus and bitter note.

BOTANICALS: licorice, bitter orange, sweet orange, mint, cinchona, gentian, artemisia, rhubarb, quassia, cascarilla

TIPS: ideal for making classic cocktails of the Italian aperitif such as Americano and negroni.


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