Casoni Vermouth 1814

Full, original taste

Casoni family's original recipe

Ideal ingredient for the preparation of the finest cocktails

Casoni Vermouth 1814 is the result of the incredible Casoni know-how

Incredible mix between 100% Italian Trebbiano wine typical of our Emilian territory and the infusion of Artemisia and other aromatic plants gives life to a high quality product with an unmistakable flavour.

In perfect style of the classic Italian Vermouth, decisive, with citrus hints and persistent on the palate. The color is given by the burnt sugar, which also gives an important aromatic note to the product.

ABV: 17%


AROMATIC NOTES: Velvety and enveloping on the palate, it presents an intense and persistent aroma that recalls the typically bitter olfactory sensations in perfect balance with sensations of sweetness. The spicy and citrus notes harmonize with each other and, completing themselves with the aromas deriving from the absinthe, make the Vermouth balanced and soft.

BOTANICALS: artemisia, absinthe, cinchona, orange peel, gentian, cinnamon, cardosanto, rhubarb


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