Makes a pleasant, thirst-quenching drink when diluted with water

Dry spirit of exceptional purity

Casoni family's renowned and award-winning recipe

Anicione Casoni: success in a bottle

The Anicione Casoni is the symbol of the success of the distillery and its history. The history and traditions of Modena in the distillation of dried anise-based liqueurs are indisputable proof that the Anicione Casoni recipe is one of the most ancient and is the same one which is still today fully honoured in its production. Ideal in coffee or as a special ingredient for countless cocktails, the full alcoholic strength of the liqueur is achieved solely by means of a particular way of distilling green anise and star anise using the discontinuous method that guarantees a dry distilled spirit of exceptional purity.

Since 1814, the Anicione, considered the cornerstone of Casoni's success, has won a large number of medal awards in national and international exhibitions, acclamations and special mentions — all proof positive of its firmly established quality. 'Anice' distilled spirit, the production method of which is a closely guarded secret, is a particularly dry liqueur yielded by the infusion of aniseed and 100% pure alcohol. It has digestive, invigorating and energy-giving properties and, according to the local tradition of Finale Emilia, a small glass of Anicione pairs perfectly with a slice of Sfogliata (Italian Flaky Flatbread) or Torta degli Ebrei (Jewish Cake), otherwise known in the dialect of Finale as "tibùia".



ABV: 45%

PRODUCTION METHOD: Hot extraction of the aromatic ingredients of green anise and star anise

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol distilled with green anise seeds (Pinpinella anisum), water, alcohol distilled with star anise (Illicium Verum)

AROMATIC NOTES: typical herbaceous with bitter, intense notes from the aromatic plants used

TIP: It's the perfect liqueur to round off a meal, but it can also be used to 'spike' coffee. Diluted with water, it becomes an extremely agreeable, thirst-quenching drink. It can be drunk at both room temperature or chilled.


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