Caffè e Anice

To be enjoyed chilled or with ice

True infusion of anisette and coffee

Unmistakable aroma of anise and coffee

Caffè e Anice Casoni: a blend of quality

The Caffè e Anice Casoni liqueur is a delicious blend of anisette and real Italian coffee, which is much loved and enjoyed all over the world: a combination of harmonious balanced ingredients, whose fullness is due to the mixture of the two products. It can be enjoyed chilled or with ice, ideal as an aperitivo. A typical traditional Italian product, Caffè e Anice Casoni has met with ever greater acclaim internationally.


ABV: 31%

PRODUCTION METHOD: blending of anisette and coffee, ageing in the tank, filtration

INGREDIENTS: sugar, water, alcohol, sambuca, coffee extract, flavourings (including caffeine)

AROMATIC NOTES: Typical of coffee and anise

TIP: Can be consumed frozen or at room temperature


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