To be enjoyed neat or with ice and a slice of lemon

Intense taste and character

Aromatic preparation by extraction

Fernet Casoni: dedicated to connoisseurs

In the landscape of all Fernet liqueurs, Casoni's is the result of skilful detailed research into this product which has been made by a meticulous selection of ingredients that help to give it its intense aroma and strong personality. Created by infusion in alcohol of roots and herbs, Fernet Casoni surprises with its unique botanical aroma that satisfies even the most demanding of connoisseurs.

Fernet entered the world of liqueurs in the 1800s, the result of the inventiveness of a Swedish doctor, Dr Fernet, who described his new invention as an elixir of long life. Like many bitters, it seems that the Fernet had strong medicinal powers and was considered the panacea for all ills. It had a curative effect for all kinds of stomach ailments, it aided the digestion and was taken up by many hospitals of the time as a remedy for cholera. Over time, its therapeutic qualities rose to fame throughout Italy (especially in Milan and Turin) and around the world; so much so that several producers thought of selling it to the public as the perfect liqueur to aid digestion. Thus Fernet entered to take its place on the rollcall of famous Italian liqueurs: a liqueur with a robust, intense flavour that is still loved to this day by those who continue in their preference for a more traditional taste.


ABV: 39%

PRODUCTION METHOD: Cold infusion of herbs and roots into hydro-alcoholic solution

INGREDIENTS: water, alcohol, infusion of plant substances, sugars and natural flavourings

AROMATIC NOTES: Intense, characterized by aromatic plants

TIP: As a digestif after a meal, it can be enjoyed neat or with ice. It can also be used in the preparation of cocktails.


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