To be enjoyed neat, with ice or with the "fly"

Distilled from aniseed and a secret mix of other seeds and spices

Traditional anise recipe

Sambuca Casoni, a mix of history and tradition

Sambuca is one of the products that best represent traditional Italian anise-based liqueurs. The Casoni distillery was one of the first producers of Sambuca in Italy since the year of its establishment: 1814. The unique quality of Sambuca Casoni originates from the experience of more than two hundred years in the distillation of aniseed and the use of a secret combination of other seeds and various spices. It is a product with unique qualities, which is why Casoni Sambuca won the 1997 International Wine and Spirit Gold Award in Great Britain.

The name 'Sambuca', from the Latin ‘Sambucus’ or ‘sabucus’, comes from that of the elderflower plant (white elderberry) from which it is extracted. As with other spirits, the recipe for Sambuca seems to have come from an ancient Carthusian tradition which at one time was very famous for its medicinal alcoholic infusions.



ABV: 38%

PRODUCTION METHOD: Hot extraction of anise distillate

INGREDIENTS: water, sugar, alcohol, distilled anise, natural flavourings

AROMATIC NOTES: well-pronounced anise with complementary notes which characterize the product

TIP: It is recommended to drink the Sambuca Casoni neat, with ice or with the "fly" i.e. with one coffee bean added.


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