Nocino di Modena

Perfect digestif for the end of every meal

Intense walnut flavour

Alcoholic infusion of still green walnut husk

Nocino di Modena Casoni: excellence of renown

Since 2004, Nocino di Modena Casoni has been recognized as a typical, traditional product of Modena by the Chamber of Commerce and recognised as such by the 'Tradition and Flavours of Modena’ - ‘Tradizione e Sapori di Modena' collective label. It has also obtained several quality certifications, including certification of the supply chain production process by CERMET, the body responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules by producers. In recent years, following the coming into force of the new EC Regulation 110/2008, it has also been added to the list of Italian liqueurs with a Geographical Indication, thus gaining a further substantial EU protection.

Nocino is a walnut liqueur and can be produced in two different places in Emilia: in the province of Modena and in the province of Parma. Depending on where it originates, the liqueur has two different names that indicate the city in which it is produced: Nocino di Modena and Nocino di Noceto.



ABV: 38%

PRODUCTION METHOD: production of the liqueur is by solubilisation of sugar in water, followed by mixing of water, syrup, alcohol and walnut infusion which are then left to age in the tank for at least ten days. Once this is completed, the process ends with filtration.

INGREDIENTS: infusion of walnut husks, sugar, water, alcohol

AROMATIC NOTES: Intense with walnut scent

TIP: Perfect as a digestif at the end of the meal, served chilled or at room temperature.


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