Vermouth Tomaso Agnini al mallo di noce - with walnut husk

Mix of two liqueurs

Strong walnut aroma

Luxury raw material ingredients

Vermouth Tomaso Agnini al Mallo di Noce: to personalize special cocktails with Vermouth

The Vermouth Tomaso Agnini al Mallo di Noce is a relatively new product, designed and offered as an innovation on a traditional product.

This liqueur began life as a blend of walnut husk, which is also used in Nocino, and a Vermouth, a fortified wine. The production process involves the maceration in alcohol of unripe Juglans Regia walnuts, typical of the Po Valley, while still enclosed in their husk and wine chosen from among the major Italian vines to ensure a certain alcohol content. What one gets is a product which is linked by a dual liaison to both the region and its traditions, and which is also at the same time innovative and original, a liqueur with a rich, full-bodied taste, classic and elegant.

To learn more, read the story of Tomaso Agnini and the origin of his two Vermouths.



ABV: 18%

PRODUCTION METHOD: cold extraction of aromatic plants

INGREDIENTS: wine, sugar, infusion of walnut husk, aromatic herb mix.

AROMATIC NOTES: two excellent Italian products that, combined, give life to a unique blend, with a perfectly balanced taste and aroma

TIP: To be enjoyed neat or with ice and a slice of orange


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