Vermouth Tomaso Agnini All’Aceto Balsamico - with balsamic vinegar

Premium liqueur with unmistakable taste

Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP Balsamic Vinegar Aroma

Traditional raw materials

Vermouth Tomaso Agnini All’Aceto Balsamico: tradition, innovation and terroir.

Vermouth Tomaso Agnini All’Aceto Balsamico is a product that takes the next step in innovation while respecting tradition and terroir, the precious raw material of which it is made.

This Vermouth is in fact an incomparable liqueur whose recipe involves the use of one of the most valuable products in the Modena region, namely the Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP balsamic vinegar.

It is well known that balsamic vinegar is a product that needs to be processed and reworked, moving from large barrels to small ones, and takes a considerable amount of time and loving care to achieve a product much valued and treasured by gourmets and gastronomes everywhere. This vinegar with its almost liquorice colour, unique characteristic flavour, and consistent density, has over the years gained Italy's Denominazione di Origine Controllata ("Controlled Designation of Origin") label, proof positive around the world of the sheer excellence of Modena's products.

Vermouth all'Aceto Balsamico di Modena from Casoni offers its customers a product of excellent quality and structure, a blend of fine well-calibrated raw materials that pair in an absolutely original recipe.

The Vermouth is positioned as a member of the range of renowned liqueurs named after Tomaso Agnini, an illustrious partner of the Casoni Distillery who, starting in the 1800s, began to build up a tally of the company's very first successes. Thus they celebrate Tomaso's ability and intuition in his pursuit of original recipes to bring back to his homeland and the absolute pride with which he exhibited Casoni products at Italian and international fairs of the time.



ABV: 18%

PRODUCTION METHOD: cold extraction of aromatic plants

INGREDIENTS: wine, sugar, balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP aged 3 years, aromatic herb mix

AROMATIC NOTES: two excellent Italian products that, combined, give life to a unique blend, with a perfectly balanced taste and aroma

TIP: It can be enjoyed neat or with ice, or used to give new flavours to traditional cocktails. It is also used in cooking as a "riduzione" (Italian way of boiling sauce down to its very essence) in combination with cuts of cured meats and cheeses or to create delicious recipes


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