Amaro del Ciclista - Gold Medal at the IWSC in London 2019

Modena, 30 July 2019

It was with considerable pride that Casoni Fabbricazioni Liquori received a slew of bronze medals for Vermouth and the Aperitivo 1814 from IWSC and saw its

Amaro del Ciclista win the gold medal in the Bitters-Digestif category.

Founded in 1969, the IWSC is considered one of the most prestigious global competitions in its sector because the judging panels, whose task is to judge the tens of thousands of spirits in the competition, are all foremost, eminent experts in this field. They base their judgment not only on the organoleptic composition of the drink but also on the chemical analysis which is carried out on it. Applications come from almost 90 countries around the world and each product is tasted and evaluated by over 400 experts (divided by class to which they belong) for seven months of the year.

The prizes awarded at the IWSC are therefore considered among the most important at international level, especially as regards the spirits categories.

Needless to say, this award is considered to be the prize for the commitment and hard, meticulous work that the company is investing in the products it is relaunching on the market, where it has been present for 205 years.

The Amaro del Ciclista, which has been on the market for a couple of years now, was considered by the IWSC jury to be "...round and full-bodied on the palate, with delicious caramelized notes that balance the bitter notes in a surprising way. It is a powerful and harmonious example of a Bitter with a long and pungent aftertaste."

This is a judgment that, even though unsurprising, nevertheless is absolutely thrilling to hear for all the Casoni Fabbricazioni Liquori staff who have given their all to make this product such a great success. The company, which has always been linked to its local origins and recently returned to the hands of the founding family, has over recent years been offering the market a range of innovative products, albeit linked to tradition, without at any time compromising on the renowned quality of its beverages.

The gold medal awarded to the Amaro del Ciclista and the flattering judgment of the jury is, therefore, the confirmation that the path we have taken is absolutely the right one: to produce a bitter made with love.


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